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MMA BJJ Poughkeepsie NY Area Jiu-jitsu & Submission Grappling at NYMAG MMA Gym
November 20, 2011

Learn Submission Grappling, MMA and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in the Poughkeepsie Area

If you are looking to learn Submission Grappling or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Sport or Self Defense and Fitness in the Poughkeepsie Area, NYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) is the Source for BJJ and Grappling in Dutchess County, NY!

Be a part of a Winning Team!

submission grappling jiu-jitsu poughkeepsie at NYMAGNYMAG Competitors Bring Home 22 Medals in One Weekend! Congratulations to all of the NYMAG students who competed at the North American Grappling Championship this weekend - Adults and Kids Alike!

Beginners Welcome! To learn more about training at NYMAG, Visit the Official Website and get a Free Guest Pass at or call (845) 797 4017!

Gene Simco - Cosmo Alexandre Scores First MMA win at Bellator - NYMAG MMA Poughkeepsie
November 20, 2011

Cosmo Alexandre Scores his first MMA win at Bellator

Read Below - Marcelo Nigue & Gene Simco help prepare Cosmo Alexandre at NYMAG for First MMA Win at Bellator

World Muay Thai Champion, Cosmo Alexandre scored his first MMA Victory at Bellator Fighting Championships with an impressive KO in only 20 seconds of the first round.

From Gracie Magazine

gene simco With nearly a decade of experience competing at Thai boxing tournaments, Cosmo is currently in the United States, where he did his preparations for his maiden MMA outing, training with the likes of Rashad Evans and Gesias Cavalcante in Florida before heading to New York to polish up his ground game with black belt Gene Simco. - GracieMagazine

Read more stories and watch video at www.Gene

UFC Poughkeepsie MMA Training Poughkeepsie Area UFC Results
November 13, 2011

UFC Poughkeepsie MMA Fans watch as the UFC debuts for the first time on Fox.

Poughkeepsie MMA fans were treated to the debut of the UFC on major network television Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos fought for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Although the fight was brief with Dos Santos claiming a quick victory in 1:04 of the first round via KO, Poughkeepsie area residents were exposed to the fast growing sport of MMA on a major network. This is a major step in the direction of legalizing MMA in New York and seeing MMA events in the Poughkeepsie area. New york is currently one of the few states where sanctioned MMA events are not yet legal. Hopefully, the deal between the UFC and Fox will help in convincing NY lawmakers that MMA is a safe and legitimate sport that should be legalized. 

Looking for MMA Training in the Poughkeepsie Area?

MMA PoughkeepsieNYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) is the Poughkeepsie Areas Source for MMA Training!Our Rt 9 Wappingers Falls Location is the Dutchess County/Poughkeepsie Areas Only Fully Equipped MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing Gym with a Full Cage, Bag Room, Boxing Ring, Olympic Quality Mats and proper amenities such as showers.

If you live in Pouhkeepsie, please visit our Headquarters on Rt. 9 in Wappingers Falls just a few miles south of the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

For More information, visit

Call Today for a Free Trail Lesson - (845) 797 4017

Muay Thai Newburgh Orange County NY Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms
November 8, 2011

Muay Thai in the Newburgh, NY area of Orange County, NY

If you are looking for an Authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym in the Newburgh area, look no further than NYMAG (New  York Martial Arts Gym) in New Windsor NY - your source for Authentic and Accredited Muay Thai Training in the Orange County, NY area.

World Muay Thai Champion Cosmo Alexandre at NYMAGMuay Thai is a complete style of Kickboxing that includes kicks, punches, knees, elbows and even takedowns; it provides recreational Beginners with an incredible full-body workout and Fighters with all of the tools they need for a well-rounded stand-up game. The Muay Thai style of Kickboxing is the choice for MMA Champions because it is effective and blends seamlessly with Grappling Arts such as Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling.

Our Muay Thai Classes in the Newburgh Area are taught by long-time Muay Thai Practitioners, so that our students have the most Authentic Experience possible. Our Muay Thai Coaches have trained in Thailand and we are the only school to bring Lumpinee and World Champions from Thailand to the Newburgh NY Area.

For More info about Classes for Beginners and Training for Fighters, Visit


MMA Poughkeepsie Area Mixed Martial Arts Training Gyms UFC schools Poughkeepsie
November 7, 2011

Poughkeepsie Area MMA Training Gyms

Beginners Welcome! Are you a UFC or MMA fan looking to participate in your favorite sport at a recreational level? MMA Training is a great way to get in shape like a UFC Fighter and learn Self Defense at the same time. NYMAG offers Poughkeepsie Area UFC Fans an Authentic MMA Experience.

Best Facilities for Fighters!

If you're looking for an MMA Gym in the Poughkeepsie Area offfering top level training in styles used by UFC Fighters, look no further than NYMAG in Wappingers Falls, NY just 3 miles south of the Poughkeepsie Galleria on Rt 9. NYMAG offers World Class instruction in Muay Thai Kickboxing with the area's only staff of Muay Thai coaches who have all trained in Thailand. NYMAG is also the Poughkeepsie Area's only MMA Gym that boasts Black Belt instructors certified by the IBJJF and the Federacao de Jiu-jitsu do Estado do Rio De Janeiro - the Official Governing body for Gracie Jiu-jitsu in Brazil. NYMAG is the area's oldest and most accredited MMA Gym and has produced Champions at all levels.

mma gyms poughkeepsie at NYMAG

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Submission Grapping (Wrestling) Poughkeepsie Area & Newburgh Area of Hudson Valley NY
October 28, 2011

If you're looking for the best Submission Grapping - Submission Wrestling School in teh Poughkeepsie Area of Dutchess County or Submssion Wrestling in the Newburgh or Middletown Areas of Orange County, look no further than NYMAG for Authentic BJJ and Submission Grappling instruction. Our students have gone on to win at some of the most prestigious events, such as the Ni-Gi BJJ Pan Ams and World Championships.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the foundation of modern Submission Wrestling and BJJ Black Belts are always the current Top Champions of Submission Wrestling tournaments-  like Marcelo Garcia, a BJJ Black Belt World Champion, who is the current Abu Dhabi Champion and considered one of the best No Gi Grapplers in the world.

submssion grappling poughkeepsie at NYMAGOur Method is Proven!

NYMAG Competitors Always Come Out On Top! We aren't just the best school locally - recently two competitors took the trip out to Rhode Island for NAGA's North East Submission Grappling Tournament - BOTH won Gold!

To learn real Submission Grappling from the Only Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu School (BJJ) in the Poughkeepsie and Newburgh Area of the Hudson Valley Accredited by the IBJJF, visit NYMAG!

Call us at (845) 797 4017 or visit

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