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MMA Fishkill - Mixed Martial Arts in Fishkill NY
April 21, 2012

Looking for the Right Fishkill Area MMA Gym?

MMA Fishkill - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the Fishkill NY Area.

If you are looking for MMA in the Fishkill Area, look no further than NYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) - The First and Only Fully Equipped & Accredited MMA Gym in the Fishkill Area.

When looking for the right MMA School, there are many choices, but very few of these "MMA Schools" are what any educated consumer would consider legitimate.

 If you are new to the sport or the particular styles of martial arts that make up MMA, there are many martial arts schools that will prey on your lack of knowledge. This article will help you to better understand what you should be looking for when choosing the right Fishkill MMA Gym.

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There is NO SUCH THING as a Black Belt in MMA. If someone says they are an MMA Black Belt or are offering belts in MMA, RUN! MMA Means "Mixed Martial Arts" and is made up of styles used within the sport of MMA. The primary style used in the sport of MMA that does give belts is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. If you are looking for a legit Fishkill MMA School, the head instructor should be a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Other styles used in MMA such as Wrestling, Boxing or Muay Thai Kickboxing DO NOT offer Belts.


Since the migration of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to the United States, the art of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) has been watered down considerably. Many American instructors are branching out and giving rank (often for money) without the approval or consideration of any sanctioning body. These instructors are doing the art and their students a great disservice by handing out non accredited and often under-qualified rank. The main sanctioning body for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation), with branches in Brazil (CBJJ) and the US (USBJJF). NYMAG is the ONLY Fishkill area MMA Gym that is certified by the IBJJF. If you wish to compete at BJJ tournaments or obtain legitimate rank in BJJ, you must be a member of a certified IBJJF School. In order to compete at Official Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tournaments or have your rank taken seriously in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community, you MUST be a member of an Accredited IBJJF School. Beware of schools that claim to have instructors or students who have won victories or competed in the "biggest tournaments", yet are not IBJJF members and therefore CAN NOT compete at the Pan American or World Championships of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Even worse, they boast about training with BJJ World Champions, who are all registered Black Belt members of the IBJJF, yet they themselves are not. For an Official BJJ School in your area, visit:

There are many who trace their linage to a Gracie Family member, yet they have no certification approved by any Gracie. All IBJJF Certifications are approved and signed by Carlos Gracie Jr. Be sure to ask for the IBJJF school certificate and their Black Belt IBJJF Membership card - and/or - their Diploma from the Federacao de Jiu-jitsu do Estado do Rio de Janeiro if a school is claiming a lineage or ties to Gracie Family and legitimate BJJ Rank. NYMAG is the only Poughkeepsie Area MMA Gym to have Black Belts certified by the IBJJF AND the Federação de Jiu-Jitsu do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, which is the Official Governing Body of BJJ in Brazil where all Gracie Family Members hold diplomas - NOTE:


Beware of schools offering BJJ or Gracie Jiu-jitsu certified by associations other than the two listed above or by associations that offer online belt programs.


Muay Thai - a style of Kickboxing - is considered the primary Kickboxing style used by MMA Fighters. Due to the popularity of MMA, many American Kickboxing and "MMA" Schools will claim they teach Muay Thai Kickboxing. There are many who will taut their local kickboxing titles and say it is Muay Thai, but this is far from the truth. Ask the schools claiming to teach Muay Thai if the instructors have been to Thailand or if they have received Kru (certified teacher) from a legitimate source. Beware of Muay Thai instructors who have received certification by "Kru Muay Thai" associations who offer rank online or through online training programs. Ask if they instructors have trained in Thailand ... the instructors at NYMAG have!


Imagine a Basketball Court without Hoops, a Swimming Pool without Water or a Boxing Gym without a Boxing Ring ...

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the World and as more people want to become involved in the sport or even at a recreational, self defense or fitness level, the quality of MMA Gyms should improve. Sadly, most MMA Gyms in the Poughkeepsie Area don\'t feel that their customers deserve the best possible facilities. NYMAG is the ONLY Fully Equipped Fishkill Area MMA Gym complete with a Full Cage, Boxing Ring, Bags and all other amenities you\'d expect a Professional MMA Gym to have.


Now that MMA is popular, almost everyone is a "professional fighter". Ask these so-called professionals if fighting is their primary source of income. If they make less money in a year than a teen-age kid at a burger restaurant, then they aren\'t what anyone smart would consider a "Professional Fighter". Sadly, there are "MMA Instructors" out there with inflated fight records, very few fights or who only fight once a year or less claiming that they are Professional Fighters and that this experience is what qualifies them to teach you how to reach your goals or become a winner.

A good MMA school is qualified by their Credentials and Results. When choosing the right Fishkill MMA School, ask for proper certification and ask for the accomplishments of students who have attended there. Remember that a school should have both fighters and coaches who are certified to teach their respective disciplines. Fighting isn\'t everything - for example, UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre uses John Danaher as a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Coach; Mr. Danaher has never competed in BJJ or MMA. Greg Jackson, who is the owner and Head Coach of Jackson\'s MMA where some of the best UFC Champions train, has never competed in MMA or entered the Cage as a fighter.

NYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) is The Source for MMA in The Fishkill Area and has been since 1997. We are an Accredited BJJ & Muay Thai Academy and our students have gone beyond the local level in MMA and all of the arts related to it.

NYMAG (New York Martial Arts Gym) is the Only Fully Equipped and Accredited Fishkill NY Area MMA Gym.

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