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A Complete Jiu-jitsu & MMA Program

Through the years, the NYMAG Academy has hosted many Black Belt instructors; from Gracie Family members to World Champions, giving our program a complete picture of the art. Where some schools focus on only one aspect or style of Brazilian or Traditional Jiu-jitsu training, we have extensive experience training top sport players, mma fighters, military personnel, law enforcement officers and recreational practitioners.

NYMAG is an Accredited Black Belt BJJ Academy; this is important to our students because they know their instructor is dedicated, experienced, certified to teach and technically sound. For those who wish to grade, having a Black Belt on hand during daily practice also allows students to obtain rank legitimately, realistically and fairly.

In addition to being an Accredited Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy, NYMAG is a member of the Special Operations Combative Arts Association and The American Kickboxing Federation. So whether your goal is sport, mixed martial arts, self defense, recreation or all of the above, we have the integrated martial arts experience to prepare you like no one else can.

NYMAG is a Proud Affiliate
of Amaury Bitetti, The First World Champion of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and UFC Veteran.

Who Do We Teach?

  • MMA/BJJ Fans - Recreational: Mixed Martial Arts isn't JUST for Fighters! A large part of our student enrollment is made up of BJJ & MMA fans who want to be able to learn more & participate in their favorite sport at a recreational level, while at the same time, benefiting from the Fitness and Self Defense that MMA practice will bring. For these students, we provide a safe and welcoming environment in which to be involved in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

  • Competitors: Over the years, we have produced more Champions than any other school in the area. The students who have gone on to compete have won at the highest levels of the sport. If you're a fighter looking to win, this is the MMA school for you!

  • Law Enforcement: We have the longest running and best relationship with local Military and Law Enforcement in the area. Our experience and professionalism have brought us more military and law enforcement clients than any other school in the area.

  • Women: Women are welcome to train in any of our Co-Ed classes; we have Women enrolled who train in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing and Sport Jiu-jitsu. We offer professional technique and conditioning training in a comfortable environment with no Full Contact or Competition Required.

  • Kids: We have a Children's Jiu-jitsu program for just $50 per month that teaches kids to defend themselves while having respect for others. We teach safe techniques and how to use them responsibly. Children learn goal setting, focus and discipline through the practice of Martial Arts. All of our Kids Classes are taught by Experienced Martial Arts Instructors and NYS Certified Educators.

Our MMA Program:

Our Mixed Martial Arts Program is made up of a balance of the most effective Martial Arts styles used by Professional MMA Fighters: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. In order to give our students the most authentic experience possible, all of our classes are taught by Black Belts and Experienced Professional Instructors who are experts and long time practitioners in each style. In addition to Mixed Martial Arts, we also have separate classes for Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Self Defense, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai - This segmented and Specialized training is important so that students get the fullest high-quality level of training in each Martial Art Used by Pro MMA Fighters.

No Full Contact or Competition Required!

We offer two types of Mixed Martial Arts Classes 1. Technique and Conditioning 2. Sparring. Our Technique and Conditioning classes are much like what you would see in a Cardio class except you will see more actual pad and bag work, more technical instruction and our instructors are long-time practitioners in the sports/arts that they teach, so you get and authentic experience, learn real technique and get a better workout. Sparing is optional and done at separate times for students who want to compete when they feel ready; no student is ever called out or pressured to fight.

Class Schedule and Structure

We offer instruction Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA and have classes 7 days per week at locations in Newburgh and Wappingers Falls, NY.

The Core of Mixed Martial Arts is Jiu-jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the art that revolutionized the Martial Arts world and opened our eyes to the reality of fighting. Since then, there isn't an MMA Champion who doesn't train in Jiu-jitsu, whether he lists it as his style or not.

We use Jiu-jitsu as the core of our program at NYMAG and show moves that are applicable to Sport, Self Defense and MMA situations. After the instructional segment of each class, students separate into groups depending on their particular interests and needs so that they may focus their training accordingly. We do have certain classes where we will focus on Mixed Martial Arts and others where training with the Gi for Sport is highlighted, but all classes at NYMAG are well rounded so that you will be learning techniques and physical conditioning exercises that will prepare you for whatever you are training for.

You can't have MMA without Jiu-jitsu; every class at NYMAG is a complete class, no matter what you are looking for we have it for you.

What is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

Unlike most other martial arts, it involves no spectacular throws and kicks and no ceremonial bows. Unlike boxing, it has no punching. And unlike virtually every other fighting technique, it does not rely on brute strength. Brazilian jiujitsu is a form of self-defense that takes place almost entirely on the ground. Fighters use snakelike grappling moves to choke their opponent, or, with the weight of their entire body, they press against key joints, bringing them close to a breaking point. Losers acknowledge defeat simply by tapping their fingers on the ground as if to say "Enough."

Part of the appeal of Brazilian jiujitsu is that smaller men - and women - can triumph over heavyweights. That became clear in 1993, when Royce Gracie, a 170-lb. Brazilian jiujitsu pro, expertly overcame 210-lb. wrestler Ken Shamrock, stunning pay-per-view audiences for the first Ultimate Fighting Championship, held in Denver. That match put Brazilian jiujitsu in the ring and on the map. It also gave the U.S. its initial glimpse of the Gracie clan. Royce's father Helio Gracie and his uncle Carlos Gracie spawned the fighting style in Brazil. Today their charismatic descendants - Gracie brothers, cousins and uncles - travel the world teaching regular folks how to win by bringing opponents down to earth.

- Time Magazine, May 2002

It's About Jiu-jitsu!

In general, Modern Martial Arts has strayed far from the way it should be taught. It's hard to find a professional martial arts school outside of a strip mall and away from the distractions of big glass windows and cash registers. At this club, we know you are here to get away from the day to day grind and we want you to forget about all that so you can concentrate on learning! We have created a relaxing, non-commercial environment; no sales-pitches, no retail store, no people watching from the street just Jiu-jitsu.

A Friendly, Relaxed Environment

Whether you are a beginner or are from another school, the prospect of coming to a martial arts school as 'the new guy' can be intimidating. Don't Worry! Although our club is 'private', we welcome new members with open arms and as a member, you'll be treated like family. New members means new friends, new ideas and a more diverse group of people to work out with.

Your Needs First

Gene Simco is a Full Time Professional Martial Arts Instructor. While some teach for money between fights and use their students as training partners, Mr. Simco is a full time teacher who puts the needs of his students first.

The Philosophy and Additional Benefits of Jiu-jitsu

While some other martial arts may leave you with a pile of legal bills and a lot of explaining to do if ever employed, the techniques of Jiu-jitsu can be employed in accordance with the law. This makes it the perfect art for professionals on the job and law abiding citizens alike.

Jiu-jitsu is sometimes referred to as the 'Grandfather' of Japanese martial arts and has roots that can be traced to ancient times. Its name means 'gentle art' and the idea is to use your opponent's energy against him instead of using strength or flexibility; ANYONE CAN DO IT!

The members at NYMAG share a common belief in good character that compliments the true Jiu-jtisu practitioner and benefit from the camaraderie found here.

At NYMAG, we teach our students to be better than the attackers who oppose us on both a physical and moral level.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jiu-jitsu

Do you have to compete?
No, competition is not for everyone. Jiu-jitsu is not just a sport. Sport Jiu-jitsu represents one way to practice the art. We do prepare students at NYMAG for tournaments if they desire to compete. NYMAG has produced champions on a local, state, and international level. To some, Jiu-jitsu is just a sport, but to others it is a way of life, self-defense, and a way to stay mentally and physically sharp.
Is Jiu-Jitsu good for multiple attackers?
Yes. Jiu-jitsu was originally developed as a battlefield art, but you should learn how to fight one person at a time first.
Is Jiu-Jitsu just a fad, a faze, the "Grappling Craze"?
Jiu-jitsu is the grandfather of Japanese Martial Arts. Unlike all other arts previously this popular, Jiu-jitsu's popularity has not been manufactured by Hollywood movies, its reputation comes from effective fighting.
How Much does Membership at NYMAG cost?
If You Want to Train, We'll make Sure You Can!

Regardless of your current income, we have flexible billing and payment plans for all of our members. We will work around your lifestyle and situation to find a tuition that works for you and make getting started easy.

All Price Plans Include Unlimited Training and Classes and Access to all of our Facilities and vary depending on program. Please call (845) 797 4017 or Email so we can find the one that works for you

Getting Paid to Train at NYMAG

In these challenging economic times, we have developed a program that provides a way for our students to earn extra income.

Member Sponsorship Program

Our referral program at NYMAG is simple - If you are a Member and you know someone who is interested in training at NYMAG, bring them in to a class with you.

If they sign up, you get their first months dues - that means, we pay YOU for each referral that signs up!

For those of you who are a bit more entrepreneurial, we can provide you with Referral Cards so that you can give them to people you meet who might be interested in learning Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Just add your name to the card and be sure to tell them who sent you.

What will I learn?
The program at NYMAG is educational and fun. You will learn effective self-defense, starting with the basics. Jiu-jitsu is easy, and anyone can learn. Jiu-jitsu can help to develop spiritual and moral attributes. It will strengthen your personality, improve your courage, and promote responsibility and good health. You will learn emotional control techniques as well as self-defense. Lessons are personalized. No previous knowledge or experience is required and instruction can begin as early as age 5.
Is Jiu-jitsu Effective on the Street?
Yes, Not only did Jiu-jitsu prove its superiority through the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it has stood the test of time. Jiu-jitsu is one of the only Martial Arts that you may legally use for self-defense. Most other Martial Arts rely on striking techniques that would severely harm your opponent and cause you to lose your job, get suspended from school, or go to jail. Jiu-jitsu techniques are designed to restrain, control, or subdue an attacker within the guidelines of the law - this is one of the reasons it is so sought after by law enforcement officials.
Why Enroll at a World Class Academy?
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is unique in the sense that it is a complete Martial Art. It offers its practitioners a Full Body workout and the most realistic self-defense training available at the same time. Our members are a fortunate few who have the opportunity to train with one of the foremost authorities on Jiu-jitsu in the world today.

Mr. Simco is not only the first American to author multiple books on the subject of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but is the only internationally recognized and accredited instructor of the art teaching in the Mid Hudson Valley region. His experience in a wide variety of Martial Arts allows him to paint a complete picture of self-defense for his students and has been privileged with information from some of the greatest masters and champions in the Martial Arts world including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu greats and Gracie family members.

How Do I get Started?
Mr. Simco's instruction is sought after by thousands of people around the world. Through his books and personal instruction, he has educated people from all walks of life including military, police, and the general population in all 50 States and over 50 countries around the globe. Due to his academy's unsurpassed tournament record and high demand for instruction, we require people wanting to become students at NYMAG to schedule an appointment; you may do so by Clicking Here.

After submitting your application, we will review it and schedule you for the earliest possible appointment, where you can try a class and discuss your goals.

I have worked in the Personal Protection "Bodyguard" field since 2004 in New York City. We recently opened a New York State Office in the Hudson Valley and chose NYMAG for training. I'm very impressed with the "Top Level" training received by Gene Simco and fellow instructors @ NYMAG. The NYMAG facility is "Above Board" and has plenty of room for all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. Gene's weekly training schedule allows a great variety of training including but not limited to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Vale Tudo, NHB & MMA. NYMAG offers very "Safe & Effective training" and I highly recommend it for all working in the Protection Field.

– Erin T. Clancy,
Operation Manager
Hudson Valley Region
International Protection Group, LLC
"Gene Simco has an excellent system for teaching BJJ that has helped my game continue to grow. 3.5 years of training under Gene and I'm a Purple Belt World Champion! 'Nuff Said!"

– Steven Olivier, Pan American BJJ Champion,
World BJJ Champion, Koral Sponsored Fighter
"I am a Law Enforcement Officer and I've been training under Gene Simco since February 2007. I received my blue belt in August 2008 and decided to test my skills in the PAN AMERICAN JIU-JITSU NO-GI CHAMPIONSHIP on October 4th 2008 in NYC and came in first place. Gene's techniques and his simple ways of teaching has made me a Gold Medalist. The skills that I have learned has prepared me to defeat my opponents on the mat and in the streets."
– Robin Duran


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Gene Simco is one of the most technical jiu-jitsu instructors on the east coast. His students are a testament to that statement.
– Brian Cimmins
Grapplers Quest tournament director
Gene Simco

"I've been training under Gene for a year and a half. Pan Am - Blue Belt - Gi Champ. 'Nuff said!"
- Steven Olivier, Pan Am Gold Medalist

"My Name is Dave Edwards. I have been a student at Gene Simco's/NYMAG for 5 months. I entered as a white belt and after 5 months of training, earned my blue, then only two weeks later, won the Pan Ams, No Gi (Gold Medal) and a Bronze in Gi. Gene is a Real-Deal technician."
- David Edwards, Pan Am Gold and Bronze Medalist

Gene Simco teaching combatives to Army officers and cadets 
at the United States Military Academy
Gene Simco teaching combatives to
Army officers and cadets at the
United States Military Academy

I recently had the pleasure of having Gene Simco teach a BJJ class to a group of Army officers and United States Military Academy cadets. I am currently in my sixth year as a practitioner of BJJ. I have served as a combatives instructor at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia and currently I am teaching combatives at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Gene organized a quick drill to quickly access the level of proficiency of each fighter in the room, and then began to teach. Gene has the unique ability to simplify the simple and get you focused on the importance of the basics. He personally worked with every fighter in the room, and at the end of two hours every student had improved their ground fighting game. For the next three days, we drilled the techniques taught by Gene, and our ability to pass the guard has improved drastically. Many folks that I have trained with always want the high end "flying arm-bar" type of instruction. Gene quickly showed us where we were sloppy with our basics. Within seconds of listening to Gene, watching him teach and move on the ground, you realize that he is world class and worth listening to. Gene has a professional but personable style and is able to speak and teach at the appropriate level to each student. I would recommend learning from Gene personally or through the use of his books and videos to anyone wanting to improve their military/police combatives, sport BJJ, MMA, or self defense skills.

– MAJ Chuck P.
Combatives Instructor
United States Military Academy
Gene Simco of the New York Martial Arts Gym and JIU-JITSU.NET is a world-class instructor and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu entrepreneur that transcends multimedia with his quality teaching technique and dedication to fighting excellence. This martial arts innovator is exactly the kind of craftsman that exemplifies the principles we endorse as critical in the military combatives training of our Special Operators.
– Master Sergeant Randy McElwee
Director Special Operations
Combatives Arts Association
I've know Gene for over two years now, not only as a teacher of jiu-jitsu but as a friend. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his craft. Gene is able to teach in a way that is easy to understand and allows me to apply it in real life situations.

As a NYS Trooper there have been several instances where I've had to physically subdue criminals. Gene's teachings have made me better prepared both mentally and physically for these unfortunate situations. I thank Gene for allowing me to be safer and stronger in my career.

– Mark Conway, NYS Trooper
Juan Morales I've studied with Gene for over six years and in that time I've seen a few things. I've used his BJJ in both self defense and in tournament matches. It works, and it works well. His teachings are lessons that I will carry with me forever and they continue to be useful.

Due to personal reasons, I had to take a break from training. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where I just recently returned from Iraq. While I was deployed in a forward position in the Al-Anbar province Gene's grappling techniques were helpful in handling insurgents. I was able to restrain, manipulate, and maneuver enemy combatants with ease.

On the boat ride home from the desert I began training again with some Force Reconnaissance Marines. I am intimate with both the Marine Martial Arts program and the various individual arts that the special forces Marines brought to the gym. Through all of the training, BJJ was at the forefront. Through working with superior professional warriors, men who train to fight because their lives depend on it, I began to realize just how incredible the training Gene gave me really was. I earned the Recon Marines' respect through my proficiency in fighting, even after I'd been out of daily training for almost two years. It's tough business I'm in and there is no place for empty talk, respect is all about who can deliver. Gene's teaching helped me earn the respect of my fellow Marines as well as get the job done in combat.

– Juan Morales, USMC
click for John's Website "I have been doing martial arts, boxing and wrestling since 1973. Gene Improved my grappling game 200%. He not only has proven himself as a good Grappler on the mats but is an outstanding BJJ coach as well. I recommend anyone to train with Gene, no matter what their style or background is. Gene has a keen sense of working around a student's strengths and weaknesses and giving them a solid realistic fighting game, whether for BJJ, NHB or for the street."
– John "Johnny Bombs" Carlo
Pro Boxer & Founder
American Kickboxing Federation
I recently had the opportunity to train with Gene Simco while I was in New York visiting. As a beginner in the art, Gene dramatically improved my skills with his vast knowledge and easy to understand teaching style. Gene was sensitive to my job as a Police Officer and incorporated skills that would help me on the street. Gene is a great teacher and an asset to all students under his instruction. Thanks.
– Officer Chris Irsa, SWAT Team,
Portage Police, Indiana
Fahim Ahmadzai Trainer for UFC & MMA Champions

Fahim Ahmedzai of Abdali sports brings a wealth of information to both beginner and competitive students at NYMAG. His experienced both in the ring as a fighter and as a coach for professional fighters like UFC Champion Matt Hammill makes him a valuable resource that all of the students at NYMAG are lucky to have.


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