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NYMAG is Duchess County's First Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy and this area's only school to produce fighters and champions at the Highest Level of competition in both Grappling and MMA. In addition to recreational practitioners who enjoy the benefits of fitness and self defense, fighters who have trained at NYMAG or have been coached by our instructors have gone on to claim victories at the Highest Levels of MMA and Grappling Competition in reputable & established venues such as the UFC, WEC, King of the Cage, the Pan American Games & World Championships.

NYMAG provides a diverse learning environment and has this area's strongest working relationship with local law enforcement and military personnel. Our reputation for producing real results for real life professionals is well established and unsurpassed.

The NYMAG Academy was founded in 1997 by Jiu-jitsu Expert, Gene Simco. It began as "New York Martial Arts Gym", where Gene ran a Classical Jiu-jitsu program for his first teacher of the art. He also hosted a Jeet Kune Do Program, Boxing, Arnis and Karate classes, brining together instructors from the area to create Dutchess County's first true Mixed Martial Arts Academy. The diversity of training was the foundation on which NYMAG was built and a tradition that would continue throughout its existence. The School flourished and grew to include Ninjitsu, Aikido and Kickboxing classes. During this time, Gene broadened his own experience not only by training in many of the programs taught there personally, but in continuing his Jiu-jitsu training to include the Gracie style of Jiu-jitsu, hosting several Champions of the art including Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Sean! Alvarez, Edson Carvalho, Marcio Simas, Michael Jen, Marcelo Nigue and several Instructors from Brazil, some of whom taught weekly classes. This diversity of styles within a style gave him and his students a broader picture of Jiu-jitsu and made the program complete. After ten years of training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Gene would eventually earn a Black Belt in that style as well and become recognized internationally as one of the foremost authorities on the art through his books and personal instruction. The NYMAG Academy gained a reputation for excellence as students from all walks of life benefited from the education obtained here. Mr. Simco continues to act as the program director for NYMAG and Head BJJ instructor.

At NYMAG, students come to us for many reasons. Over the years, we have helped military and law enforcement personnel stay safe on the job, recreational practitioners have fun, individuals looking for self improvement or self defense reach their goals and those who chose to compete have illustrated the effectiveness of the Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts techniques taught here.

The members of NYMAG are truly an outstanding group of people; if you'd like to join the ranks and be on your way to self improvement, fill out an Application Online today.

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Competition History

Although competing is not required for promotion at NYMAG, the students who have represented the academy in competition have illustrated the quality of education we provide.

"Gene Simco is one of the most technical jiu-jitsu instructors on the east coast. His students are a testament to that statement."
-- Brian Cimmins
Grapplers Quest tournament director

Learn the Proven Method for Making World Champions

In only three years of training with Gene Simco and no previous BJJ experience, Steven Olivier has won in advanced divisions at several grappling tournaments, a Gold Medal at the Pan Ams, and a Gold Medal at the World Championships of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. At the World Championships, Steven won all of his matches by submission, leaving no room for dispute; such a feat at this level caught the attention of Koral Fight Gear, who offered him a sponsorship on the spot. Steve is continuing his training at NYMAG and acts as an assistant instructor. By enrolling in classes, you will learn the same proven method that Steven uses to win and have the benefit of training with the highest level of instruction in the area.

"Gene Simco has an excellent system for teaching BJJ that has helped my game continue to grow. 3 years of training under Gene and I'm a Purple Belt World Champion! 'Nuff Said!"
- Steven Olivier, Pan American BJJ Champion,
World BJJ Champion, Koral Sponsored Fighter

Over the past six years that I have been training jiu-jitsu I have been greatly influenced by the instruction that I have received from Gene Simco. He has played an instrumental role in shaping me as an instructor, BJJ competitor, MMA fighter, and in general as a warrior. Gene has always been willing to go out of his way to hone not only my technical skills but also my fighting strategy. When I am hungry for the answers of what really makes techniques work in order to win Gene always has a detailed and concise response. When I have a problem handling group dynamic as growing teacher Gene has a new perspective to clear my way and reestablish growth for me and my students. I very much appreciate Gene's openness and lack of ego when it comes to jiu-jitsu. I have been shown that with an open mind I can learn from all that I encounter. Gene has also been very open and patient with my transient ways of traveling about the country to train. Aside from the training environment, Gene is just a really nice guy that I like to hang out with; I feel comfortable just being myself with Gene and the guys at NYMAG. I really like that Gene has not lost his perspective of jiu-jitsu as a combative art and not just a sport. This is where training with Gene early has given me a solid foundation to apply my skills in a sport tournament, an MMA fight, a self-defense situation, or even in a spur of the moment challenge match.
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- John Kessler
BJJ & MMA Competitor

BJJ Competition Arizona Grappling challenge 3rd place White belt open weight NAGA Battle at the beach 1st place White belt open weight Arizona State Jiu-jitsu Championships 1st place White belt Budweiser Jiu-jitsu world cup 1st Blue belt and 1st place NO-GI NAGA Georgia State Grappling Championships 2nd place Purple belt (as a Blue) and 1st place NO-GI IBJJF US Nationals 3rd place Purple belt open weight Arizona Grappling challenge 2nd place Purple belt IBJJF Pan-Am competitor Brown belt and NO-GI Grapplers Quest US Nationals Brown belt 1st place MMA 4-1 (King of the Cage) W via triangle choke from guard W via triangle from top of North-South W via arm bar from mount W via RNC L via TKO

NYMAG Students Win at the 2009 New York International BJJ Championship

Team NYMAG students bring home medals at the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation's New York International Tournament in NYC. Steven Olivier Won Gold in his division, along with Lindsay Vanzandt. John Riley brought home a Bronze in his division.

Gold Medal Wins for NYMAG at the 2008 No Gi Pan Ams of Jiu-jitsu

Team NYMAG brings home three Gold Medals at the 2008 No Gi Pan American Jiu-jitsu Championship. Dave Edwards, Robin Duran and John ORieley were the Gold Medal winners at this year's tournament.

NYMAG Wins Pan Am Gold in 2007

Out of only two competitors representing NYMAG at the 2007 Pan Am Games, both Steven Olivier and David Edwards won Gold Medals in their Divisions.

Below is a list of the awards won by many different NYMAG students prior to 2006.

  • 3 Gold and 5 Silver Medals out of 8 Competitors at the North American Grappling Championship, October 2005.
  • 1 First Place, 1 Second Place and Two Third Place Medals out of four competitors at NAGA World Championships, March 2005.
  • 2 first place medals and one third out of 3 competitors at Catamount Open 2004
  • 1st place and 3rd place at East Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, May 2004.
  • 2nd place at 2004 Grappler's quest 2004 US Nationals.
  • 3 first place, 2 second place out of 5 competitors at The 2003 Pennsylvania Open.
  • 3 trophies out of two competitors at NAGA's 2003 New England Grappling Championship.
  • 4 medals at NAGA's Battle at the Beach - 2003.
  • 2 First Place Medals out of 2 competitors at 2003 Grapplers Quest Nationals.
  • 3 First Place Trophies, 2 Second Place Trophies, and one 3rd at 2003 NAGA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • 3 Title wins out of 3 Competitors at 2002 Freestyle Fury
  • 8 medals out of 8 competitors at 2002 Copa Atlantica
  • 2nd Place at US Grappling Championship
  • 1st Place win at April 2002 Grappler's Quest.
  • 1st and 3rd place wins at 2001 Kimono Kombat
  • 1st at Grappler's Quest 2001 NYC
  • 2 1st Place Trophies at NAGA's 2001 Garden State Championships
  • 1st and 3rd place wins at NAGA's 2001 North American Grappling Championship
  • 4 Trophies, including 2 first place at NAGC 2000
  • 1 first place, one 3rd place at NAGA's Garden State Tournament
  • 9 trophies (including 3 first place) at 2000 Grappler's Games
  • 5 Trophies at 2000 Kimono Kombat Tournament
  • 5 medals at Submission Fighter Magazine's Mat Maddness.
  • 1st place trophy at 2000 JBA submission challenge.
  • First, Second, Third and Fourth Place Trophies at the 1999 North American Grappling Championship
  • Winners at 1998 Grappler's Challenge - 1st & 2nd place trophies
  • Winners of over 6 medals in 4 divisions at 1998 NE Grappling Championships
  • 2 Trophies & 4 medals at 1999 NE Grappling Championships
  • 7 trophies out of 10 competitors at 1999 New York State Grappler's Challenge - Including first place in 2 divisions
  • Gold & Bronze Medals at the Florida State Championships

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Gene coaching at Copa Atlantica
Justin Johnson 2nd Place finish at Copa Atlantica Brian Mclaughlin - 2nd place Intermediate No-Gi Light Weight at US 
          Grappling Championship, April 6, 2002
Patrick Menecucci 1st place finish at Copa Atlantica Justin Johnson 2nd Place finish at Copa Atlantica
NAGA World Championships March 16th, 2003 NAGA World Championships March 16th, 2003
Freestyle Fury on Saturday, August 24th Gene coached Pit fight Team member Gan McGee for his UFC fight 
     with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champion, Café Dantes
Gene coached Pit fight Team member Gan McGee for his 
     UFC fight with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champion, Café Dantes John Kessler wins white belt 1st Place at NAGA's Battle 
     at the Beach, 2003
Trevor Sergant winning his match at NAGA's Battle at 
     the Beach, 2003 Trevor Sergant wins 3rd place in his division at NAGA's tournament, Sep 6, 2003
Andrew Garrai won 1st in no gi and 3rd in gi at NAGA's tournament, Sep 6, 2003

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