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Fight Finishers


These are the Ultimate Fight Finishing Moves!


In this Exciting New DVD, you will Learn How To Finish Your Opponent with all the Top Fight Finishers! Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and Pro-Boxing Instruction: Moves Explained in detail from Different Positions.


This DVD Highlights the very best instruction from our DVDs and Online Training.

We understand that with so much to choose from out there, we need to EARN your business and we are confident that after you watch this DVD, you'll be impressed with both the quality of Instruction and Production.

Learn Advanced Variations and Surprise Your Opponent!

Tons of possible variations are detailed so you really know the move inside and out - You'll see why these moves really are the Top Fight Finishers!

Hours of Top Notch Instruction

Learn Devastating Finishing Moves that can be done from limitless setups and positions:

Armbars, Chokes, Shoulder Locks, Strikes, Leg Locks & More!

Finish the Fight FAST!

No Fluff or Fillers, Just what REALLY Works

The Martial Arts world is filled with what seems to be countless ways to finish a fight, but what really works? If you talk to any MMA fighter, Jiu-jitsu Champion or Law Enforcement Officer, they'll tell you that out of the hundreds of moves they know, there are a few techniques they can count on to get the job done. We see this trend in Mixed Martial Arts competitions time and time again; out of the thousands of martial arts moves out there, we see a small handful being used to win most fights. This is especially important to Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, whose lives depend on reacting immediately with the most effective move instinctually in a fast and dangerous situation. These are moves that can be done with or without the gi or kimono and have an outstanding record for effectiveness in all arenas of combat.

So what are the most effective Fight Finishers? Well, we've asked the pros; Jiu-jitsu Instructors, Military Operators, Cops, Bouncers and Mixed Martial Arts Fighters gave us their favorites, and then researched the statistics to bring you JIU-JITSU.NETs Ultimate Fight Finishers!

This High Quality DVD Series Contains:

  • All the Fight Finishers - Detailed Black Belt Instruction!
  • Easy Referencing and Navigation! Chapters so you can Search through all the Variations
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt & Professional Boxer Instruction!
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Crystal Clear Digital Picture and Sound!
  • Bonus Sneak Peeks and Samples of Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instructionals!

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