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The Internet's First & Largest
Online Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Training Program!

Join our growing number of satisfied eTraining Members. Whether you are currently at a Jiu-jitsu school and are looking for supplemental training advice and online techniques or you are too far from a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school to participate in class as regularly as you'd like, our eTraining program is meant to enhance your learning and get you to the next level.

Program Includes:

  • eTraining Class and Technique Sections are updated weekly, making it the Fastest Growing and Largest Interactive Jiu-jitsu Instructional Video Resource on the net!

  • Interactive Online Jiu-jitsu Classes. Step by Step Photos, Video and Descriptions of Black Belt Instruction and Actual Video Class Footage. Ask questions about each move shown - learn and discuss techniques. Learn from Anywhere, regardless of Distance or Schedule!

  • Over ONE THOUSAND Techniques and Classes and rapidly growing.

  • Easy to Learn! This isn't just a jumble of random moves. You can learn your way by either searching for moves you need to know right now alphabetically or using our well organized classes that link techniques together in a logical order that will improve your game fast through an intelligent progression and proven system of learning.

  • Lots of Techniques, Low Price! Unlimited access to tons of well organized moves and classes for only a few dollars per week.

  • Download Jiu-jitsu and MMA Instructional Videos available in Quicktime, .WMV and High Definition on your iPod, PC and other portable devices for no additional cost.

  • Black Belt Instruction. Accurate and Technically Sound Instruction by Certified Professionals.

  • Fitness Tips. Our Certified Fitness Professionals are there to answer your questions.

  • Member Discounts. All eTraining Members Receive 10% off All Books and DVDs in our Online Store ALL THE TIME!

  • Unlimited Access to ALL Video Classes and Archives for Gi (Sport), No Gi (Submission Grappling) and MMA (No Holds Barred). No Misleading Price Plans or long term contracts - One Low Price for EVERYTHING!

  • Belt Requirements. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Belt Requirements. All of the techniques you need to know to achieve each belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and curriculum guides for each level. A Great tool for both Teachers and Students.

  • Training Drills and Exercises for both partner and Solo application to help you stay at the top of your game.

  • Easy to Use. No Special Programs or Downloads are required to view our Video Techniques. Our User Friendly Website offers instant access to the Largest Selection on the Net, no computer degree required.

  • No System Requirements. We make a variety of Photos and Video available so that learning can take place on any kind of computer speed or internet connection.

  • Lesson Requests. Need Help? Have Questions? No Problem! Get the Techniques and classes you want to see.

  • Complete Program. Our Online Program offers techniques for Submission Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense and Sport Jiu-jitsu with the gi!

  • Secure. JIU-JITSU.NET is the First Site to Offer Online Illustrated BJJ Techniques on the Internet and the first to host an Online BJJ Program. We are one of the Largest and Oldest sites for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on the internet. We use a reputable billing company to ensure safe and secure payment and offer additional customer service by phone for all questions and cancellation requests.

  • eNewsletter. Weekly emails with technique and training tips, first dibs on members-only discounts, free giveaways and more.

  • Online Community. Join our Growing Online Community of dedicated martial artists, there to network and exchange ideas in a positive and educational environment. No politics, fake screen names or trash talking; only Real People sharing quality information and ideas in order to become better martial artists.

  • No Pay-Per Move Fees. Complete Access to All Techniques All the Time for One Low Fee & You can cancel at any time.

FREE WEEK! So what are you waiting for?
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Why choose us?

  • We really are the first and we really are the largest jiu-jitsu instructional website on the Internet

  • The largest global jiu-jitsu online training program with members from all 50 states and over 50 countries

  • No need for complex technology: Moves are grouped together in sequences to alleviate finding or searching for related techniques

  • We offer high quality videos and HD downloads

  • No hidden or additional costs or long term membership agreements

  • Not just jiu-jitsu moves, includes fitness routines, striking techniques, jiu-jitsu techniques for MMA, wrestling takedowns, and much more

  • No extra cost for downloaded videos

  • Diverse instruction from black belts, world champions, and professional fighters

  • Low cost convenient weekly billing option

  • No long term or monthly commitment

  • Longer free trial than others

  • No immediate payment needed to access unlimited moves and instruction for new members

  • We offer true free week trial with no need to haggle for refunds if you aren't satisfied

  • Free instructional DVD option when you join

  • Discounts on the highest rated DVDs and jiu-jitsu instructional materials in the industry

  • You have the option to buy the moves you like to create your own custom DVD at a discounted price with membership

  • Easy to understand English speaking instructors

  • High quality filmed both in studio and in the classroom

  • More ways to learn - learn by curriculum, belt level, class grouping, and individual techniques

Our Online Training Program is Easy to Use!

How it works....

We have customized a very familiar and easy to use Discussion Forum Format so that it interacts with our video player and allows you to search for techniques alphabetically in several different ways depending on your needs: By Sport or Application (MMA, BJJ, Grappling), Class Grouping or Position. You can also use a convenient search function to find techniques and classes.

Once you've selected your area of interest, you may then click on the class or technique in order to bring it up our video player. You may also ask questions about the move you are watching and interact with others.

You may also Download techniques in a variety of formats, including Windows Media, Quicktime and High Definition and no additional cost.



Reviews & Testimonials

Learn the Proven Method for Making World Champions

In only three years of training with Gene Simco and no previous BJJ experience, Steven Olivier has won in advanced divisions at several grappling tournaments, a Gold Medal at the Pan Ams, and a Gold Medal at the World Championships of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. At the World Championships, Steven won all of his matches by submission, leaving no room for dispute; such a feat at this level caught the attention of Koral Fight Gear, who offered him a sponsorship on the spot.

By enrolling in our Online Training Program, you can see Steven in action and learn the same proven method that he uses to win.

"Gene Simco has an excellent system for teaching BJJ that has helped my game continue to grow. 3 years of training under Gene and I'm a Purple Belt World Champion! 'Nuff Said!"
- Steven Olivier, Pan American BJJ Champion,
World BJJ Champion, Koral Sponsored Fighter

Hey, I just want to let eveyone know what Gene Simco Jiu-jitsu has done for me. And, yes, I do distinguish between Gene Simco Jiu-jitsu and simply jiu-jitsu. Because Simco is a cut above the rest. His quality of instruction and technical knowledge is world class. He is also able to simplify jiu-jitsu into terms that anyone can learn. He has taken a lot of flack from the BJJ community for publishing the techniques that are in his books and DVDs. He has even gone a step further and put it all out there so that you can see it on line, and ask questions which he answers promptly in his on line program!!

I am the head instructor at Pensacola's Diesel Mixed Martial Arts club. I am a Black Belt in American Jiu-jitsu as well as a Certified Kickboxing instructor. I have trained in Martial Arts all over the world, and in many different styles. If there was one style that not only covers all levels of fighting, but also is applicable to the real world it is Gene Simco Jiu-jitsu. I teach correctional officers, police officers, and SWAT team members. All of the people I teach have used Gene Simco's Jiu-jitsu techniques in real life situations and have proven their effectiveness.

I spent 5 years as a bouncer, 7 years working in the Department of Corrections, and 2 years working in the Department of Juvenile Justice. To this day I still use Gene Simco's Master Text and Jiu-jitsu DVDs. I have not only used these techniques on the street but I have also used them to tap out Jiu-jitsu instructors. I can't say enough about how good all of Gene Simco's products are. If you really want to understand Jiu-jitsu, or plan on surviving a fight in todays harsh world, then you need to know Gene Simco's Jiu-jitsu techniques.

Thank you Gene for everything you have done for me, my fellow law enforcement officer's, and the Jiu-jitsu community.

Jason Richards, Diesel Mixed Martial arts!!!

Check Out's Review of our Online Training Program!

Gene Simco demonstrating a technique There are really three reasons I like this site so much. The first is the sheer amount of techniques shown. There are many instructional sites out there that you can visit for an hour or two and run through their entire library of techniques. That's not the case with Simco's site. There are hundreds and hundreds of techniques on the site. You don't have to worry about running out of material either ... Read more.

After four years of Army combatives at the United States Military Academy at West Point, it's been Gene Simco's online teaching tools that have taken my abilities to the next level. The detailed instruction in his videos are an invaluable resource for any Martial Artist to improve the technical aspects of their fight, especially on the ground. I also had the privilege of working with Gene in person on two occasions, and his expertise as a coach is second to none.

As an officer in the US Army, having taken the US Army Combatives Instructor Qualification Course, as well as several years of grappling and BJJ, I have found that Gene Simco's online teaching tools are a great technical supplement to the core of the US Army Combatives Doctrine. His expertise and instructional abilities can improve anyone's abilities, regardless of previous experience!

Chase Baker – CDT Lieutenant, Armor – United States Military Academy

Hello Mr. Simco,
I recently signed up for the free Mastering BJJ video and free 1 month of eTraining and I have to say that I am very impressed with the eTraining forum and online video classes (I enjoyed the Mastering BJJ video too!).

I live in Wyoming, where there are NO BJJ instructors or gyms anywhere in the entire state, so a program like your eTraining really comes in handy.

I am very impressed with two aspects of the eTraining content:

  • First of all there are new videos and content posted almost daily or at least several times per week, unlike other similar sites on the net

  • Second of all the material presented in the videos and on the eTraining forum is fundamental, high percentage, basic, solid stuff, not a lot of fluffy, Kubuki Theatre type moves that beginners definitely don't need to waste their time learning. The material you cover on the eTraining forum is EXACTLY the stuff that 85% to 90% (if not more) of the people out there looking for such content should be spending their time on mastering and I am impressed at how thoroughly you have already covered much of the fundamental concepts of each position.

I will definitely continue my membership to the eTraining forum after the free month, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more great stuff on the forum.

Best regards,
Randy Bingham, Green River, WY

I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with my eTraining membership. First of all, you provide a rationale for each part of a technique, thus making your instructions easy to follow at home. Since watching your video on breaking the guard, and practicing the technique 3 or four times on my nephew, I have been using the it effectively on more experienced grapplers regularly. Secondly, your follow through is admirable. On the five or six occasions that I have emailed you questions about techniques you have replied within 24 hours. On one of those occasions you replied twice within an eight hour period. Each time my inquiries were fully answered as you referred me to video clips or pictures of not one, but various techniques. Thirdly, I have realized that my learning curve has increased quite a bit, as I dominate other white belts that started training around the same time as me. I attribute the difference in progress to your online instruction. After most classes I reflect on my mistakes and refer to your videos to learn from them. This is pivotal, since our instructor does not have time after class to teach each of us techniques to counter our errors. Finally, I think the cost of e-Training is an absolute bargain compared to the cost of actual classes or training videos (I own a couple). No training video will contain the myriad of techniques in your archives----especially since you add new videos monthly. I highly recommend e-Training to anyone who does not have a BJJ academy near home, as well as to those who would like to supplement what they're learning in BJJ class.

Rudy Cruz

Hello Mr. Simco,

I recently came back as a member to the Etraining forum after being away for a few months.

I just wanted to say what great information you are sharing on the forums and tell you that I really appreciate the time and effor you put into posting the techniques and classes. It really helps me out a lot, being out here in Wyoming where there are no qualified instructors.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!
Randy Bingham

I recently subscribed to your online classes and have been more than pleased with the variety of content and the quality of instruction. Although I am currently enrolled in a local Jiu-Jitsu school, I am sometimes limited in attendance due to my rigorous work schedule as a police officer. In my opinion, Jiu-Jitsu is a critical skill in my work.

The instructional videos have allowed me to watch specific techniques on my own schedule and at my own pace.

Thanks again for this great resource!
Travis Kinlaw

Gene Simco has unparalleled teaching skills and the athleticism to demonstrate the many and varied techniques of Jiu-Jitsu. An elite master of this martial art, his insight into the nuances and variations of the moves is truly astounding. We use his videos to supplement our hands on practice of takedown and grappling techniques.
-- Nelson J. Ortiz, Columbia, MD
Mr. Simco,
I am a school district administrator and appreciate the ability you possess to relate to the learner. It is an art unto itself to convey the information to a student. Not all practitioners, in spite of their skills, posses that ability. Good luck in all your future endeavors.
Thank You,
George Thomas Kattouf
220 lb. Masters II Pa State Powerlifting Champion for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007
Director of Special Education, Altoona Area School District
Hapkido Instructor - 30 yrs
8 Years of BJJ Experience
Got a membership to your website and just wanted to say that I really find it helpful when reviewing techs taught to me by my trainer on days that I don't have instruction with him. Sometimes it is hard to remember all the details you know, plus you may have a different opinion about how to do something so just wanted to say thanks for the site and certainly look forward to new videos and information.
Thanks Gene,
I've been studying BJJ for three years now. I've watched countless videos, and I have to say, yours are the best. Everything is logically broken down so that the techniques are easy to remember. You have great attention for the small details that make all the difference in real world situations. Thank you for putting out great information.
Just so you know, I own a couple of your DVD's and we make full use of all the great info you post online to train here in our club. We are a BJJ club in a small town in the Dominican Republic. We are composed primarily of American medical students, all of which have previous bjj experience through various instructors in the US and Puerto Rico.

We appreciate the time, effort and diligence you put for in making all this information available to your readers. Without it, we really would not be able to hold our trainings as efficiently as we do.
Marco, BJJ San Pedro, Republica Dominicana

Hi Gene mate, I wanted to thank you, my page now looks considerably cooler with you as a friend lol. I am a member of your E-training facility, which is excellent, and have bought several of your DVD's, which are also excellent; you really know your stuff! I am only a white belt, I train 3 times a week in London, UK, but I really love it and you are like my virtual instructor! Anyways thanks for the great instructional vids! OOUUS!
Hey Gene,
Great class today....i signed up for the e-training and between that and the classes....everything is starting to click....I hope that keeps rock....later
- AJ
Gene Simco's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has brought our team in a short time of using it to a level even we didn't think we could reach. Its the best instructional video out. If your serious about your craft this is a must have.
No Way Out Fight Team
Hey Gene, your products are amazing. i'm really learning alot from them. Keep up the amazing work.
Right on, Man! Thanks for being out there and speadin' the BJJ word!

Rikki Rocket

FREE WEEK! So what are you waiting for?
It costs nothing to SIGN UP and check it out today!


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